Posted by : Harish K V Saturday, 2 February 2013

         Google has angered its user base by discontinuing the free Google Apps offering, which until recently allowed Gmail, Sites, Calender, Docs, Adsense and several other services to be used with custom domain names for free. Apps users will now have to pay at least $5(approx. Rs 275) per user per month. Up to 50 user accounts could be created per domain until mid - 2011, when Google reduced it to 10. The free tier was extremely popular with small businesses and casual users who only want email on their own domains but do not require Google's more business-centric features and technical support. The cost might prove too high for many customers, but Google is preparing to compete more fiercely for market share amongst business and enterprise users of email and online office suites. Educational institutions can still use Google apps for free and non-profits can get a discount. 


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