Posted by : Harish K V Tuesday, 16 April 2013

              You want to copy photos from a scratched disc onto the hard drive. But the Windows Explorer aborts the copy process with the error notification 'File cannot be copied'. Where the Windows Explorer fails, the mini-tool 'Roadkil's unstoppable copier' prevails against scratch and damages on the data storage medium. This program copies and restores data from unreachable discs - you can download it for free at
              In order to recover data, select the source and the target drives using the 'Browse' button in the 'Copy' tab. Subsequently in the 'Settings' tab, move the slider approximately to the middle, it is a good compromise between the best and fastest recovery of the data. You should also set the tick in front of 'skip damaged files automatically', otherwise it may take considerably more time till the tool copies the still usable data. This utility is ideal for hard drives, floppy drives, CDs and DVDs which could have bad sectors or partially corrupted file systems.


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