Posted by : Harish K V Monday, 1 April 2013

            Tribunga is the first ever triflex bi-pod. The triflex bi-pod extension offers a new experience in hands free electronic device use, which means you are not restricted to one position any more while you are using gadgets. Its bi-pod base gets adapted to different platforms and provides stability.

            The Tribunga's polymer ball and socket system joins to make triple flexible extensions which allows for the perfect obedience to hold various devices including the use of laptop computers. It is very light weight and makes the perfect travel companion for hands free use where ever you go.

            It uses the traditional vacuum and a state of the art micro-suction simultaneously. This gives the superior hold strength while keeping the size of the suction cup down. The outer housing was ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the palm of any hand comfortably. The detachable suction cup allows Tribunga to seamlessly turn into a handle and snap desk stand, combining several accessories into one compact, lightweight powerful stand.


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