Posted by : Harish K V Friday, 3 May 2013

         Most of the people think upgrading to Windows 8 from Windows 7 includes allocation of huge space on hard disk and deletion of personal files and apps but they are all wrong. Windows 8 installation is more user friendly when compared to all their previous versions of operating system.

        Before you start downloading or getting your windows 8 setup file, please check whether your operating system is x64 or x86 and get the corresponding Windows 8 setup file as x64 wont work on x86 operating system and vice versa. You can check this by just right clicking on "My Computer" and then properties.

        Once you are done with it, follow these steps

 1. Insert your DVD or USB and run the setup file. You can also mount the ISO file using   Daemon tools or any other software. 
 2. You will be prompted with a wizard showing options to install updates, Select "No,thanks" and click Next.
3. Then setup will check your PC and after few seconds you will be asked to enter the product key. I recommend you to get original software so that you can enjoy all the Windows 8 privileges. But it is not compulsory. 
4. Enter your product key and accept the terms and conditions appear on the next page of the wizard.
5. Now here is the tricky part, you will be provided with three option 1. Keep personal files only, 2. keep personal files and apps and 3. Nothing. Based on your need you can select the option. Now since you don't want to lose your files and apps, select the option "Keep personal files and apps" and click Next.
6. Now setup will make your PC ready for installation. Please wait till it completes.
7. Once it completes it may show up few software or apps which are not Windows 8 compatible which include USB 3.0 and Bluetooth. Don't hesitate to uninstall both because Windows 8 provides or supports them by default. Uninstall all the apps and restart the system once, and the setup will continue from the same point, if not start the setup again and it will continue from the same point..
8. Once you have uninstalled all of them, click "Install", and your installation begins. Please wait patiently since it takes maximum 30 minutes.   
9. After that setup prepares your PC for a brand new Windows 8 experience :)
10. Now you can customize your system appearance and setting and enjoy using Windows 8.

NOTE: Once you finish your installation and you can't connect to your internet, just troubleshoot your internet connection and fix the error, and most probably it will work fine after that. If not just download the driver and install it.   

If you have any other issues please contact me.


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