Posted by : Harish K V Thursday, 8 August 2013

           After the recent release of Grand Theft Auto 5's first gameplay trailer, Rockstar Games had left a few questions unanswered. GTA5's Lead Mission Designer Imran Sarwar has answered some of these questions in a Q&A with GameInformer. The biggest new reveal is the astounding level of customisation options for vehicles. According to Sarwar, there will be thousands of customisation options for cars and bikes. The vehicle customisations, which Rockstar first toyed with in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, will be more deeply integrated into GTA5's mission structure and open world.
           Even weapons will be customisable. Players will be able to walk into Ammu-Nation and start adding new modules to their weapons. The modules include grips to improve accuracy, extended clips that allow a larger number of rounds to be fired between reloads, weapon tints to colour your guns, flashlights, scopes and even suppressors.


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