Posted by : Harish K V Saturday, 1 March 2014

     Ever seen those whodunit movies where the ingenious criminal mastermind controls the guy who has a skeleton in his closet by threatening to leak his secret in the event of his death? Well, that's actually possible. Which may not be good news for people who can be easily blackmailed, but it's definitely good news for all those who are interested in passing their essential information (like bank account details and social networking passwords) to their nearest and dearest in case they die of unforeseeable causes. Death Switch ( is a website which deals with what we call 'Information Insurance'. A death switch (or a dead man's switch) is an automated system that prompts you for a password at a regular interval to make sure that you are still alive. If the password is not entered for a certain period of time, the system prompts you once more, after which, if no response is detected, it infers that you are either dead or critically disable. At this points, it passes on your pre-scripted messages to the people you have named in the registration.


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