Posted by : Harish K V Sunday, 24 March 2013

              Malicious apps masquerading as system optimisers are getting through Google's security protocols. Two samples detected by McAfee called DroidCleaner and SuperClean claim to make your device faster by optimising settings and clearing caches. Both apps display fake progress bars while they steal SMSes, photos, contacts, files, GPS coordinates and your IMEI and phone number. They can also be used to allow attackers to execute commands remotely. More importantly, the malware can later be used to attempt to steal passwords by throwing up fake login pages on infected devices. The malware has been seen attempting to steal Dropbox and Google credentials, though other services could be targeted just as easily. Any user name and password typed into this page will be sent to the remote attacker while the user sees only an error message.


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  1. Wow, thanks for the heads up. I guess I'm not shocked that these types of apps are out there, but it's nice that someone made me aware of it. I bet most of the general population has no idea and just uses these apps without worrying at all.

    1. You are right! Be aware of all the stuff you use..

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