Posted by : Harish K V Monday, 11 March 2013

         Exactly a year after Megaupload was taken offline and its charismatic founder Kim Doctom arrested in a dramatic raid on his New Zealand mansion, a successor has launched. The new promises to frustrate authorities and potentially be impervious to snooping thanks to the use of end-to-end encryption designed to shield Mega itself from knowing what users have uploaded and thus being accused of facilitating piracy. Without being able to identify the content of files, Mega cannot be made to delete them or hand over user identities. Users receive an encryption key at the time of registration. If they wish to share uploaded files, the key must also be passed on. Any agency that wants to prove a file infringes copyright must therefore also have that key, after which Mega will comply with removals. Free members get 50 GB of storage, while paid plans go up to 30 Euros per month for 4TB.


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