Posted by : Harish K V Friday, 15 March 2013

                Rockstar has announced that the release date for the next game in the GTA franchise-Grand Theft Auto V- has been delayed. The new release date, according to the company, is September 17, 2013. This is a four-month delay from the originally planned release date.
                The company says the delay was required as, "GTAV is a massively ambitious and complex game and it simply needs a little more polish to be of the standard we and, more importantly, you require." Rockstar has also announced that it will be showing off the box art for GTAV a bit later.
                 While this has led many conspiracy theorists to contemplate the idea that Rockstar may be getting ready to launch the game on next-gem consoles, Rockstar itself has denied any of this. The company says that the delay is mostly because the developers wanted to polish the game some more. This is likely true, as open world games are notorious for having bugs that developers couldn't even think of, thus leading to situations like The Elder Scrolls games.


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