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         You require a legal copy of Apple's OSX as an ISO file for this workshop. The PearPC emulator supports OSX versions 10.2(Jaguar), 10.3(Panther) and 10.4(Tiger). First, create a new directory "C:\PPC" and decompress PearPC there. Create a subdirectory "image" in the "PPC" folder. Unpack a blank virtual hard disk - the PearPC image file ( ). This is compresses in the "bz,2" archive format. If unpacking fails, install IZArc ( ) and decompress the image with this tool into the folder "PPC\image". In "pearpc.img", you can change the file name of the packed image file. Lastly, copy the Mac OSX ISO file in the image folder.

         Now install the PearPC tool Vbox GUI. Click "New", enter a name, in the wizard and select the operating system to be emulated here. Enter the path to file "pearpc.img" under "Primary master HD image". Give the file path for the ISO file of the Mac OSX in the "IDE slot" field. Exit the wizard with "Finish" and switch the display resolution to "1024x768x32" under "Video". Click "Next" and change the entry to "select" under "Boot -> Boot method". If you have a PC with at least 2 GB of RAM, increase the main memory to 1 GB under "System".


        Click "Start" to activate the emulator. The tool shows a bootable partition marked with "cdrom0", which you select with the [1] button. Subsequently, the installation of Mac OSX starts. It runs automatically to a large extent and lasts for approximately 40 minutes on a computer with multi-core CPU and 2 GB of RAM. At the end of the installation, PearPC shuts down the Apple operating system automatically. Remove the entry for the set-up DVD using "IDE".


        Click "Create desktop shortcut" by clicking the main window of VBox GUI to start Mac OSX easily in the future. From now on, you can start your new Apple PC using the shortcut. The operating system requests all sorts of data and a compulsory registration. The registration is used to avoid the installation of the OS copy on several Macs or PCs. Once the system is installed, you can start programs lik iChat, Safari and the QuickTime player using the task bar. Otherwise, open "System settings" and configure the system by yourself. 


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