Posted by : Harish K V Saturday, 5 January 2013

        You can automatically forward all your tweets to Facebook by linking your Twitter and Facebook accounts, but there's no way for you to control which tweets will be published on Facebook if you do this. However, there is one Facebook app that lets you specify which tweets are published on your Facebook wall. Log into your Facebook account and open Here, under the 'Your Profile' tab, select the input field 'The one and only step', enter your Twitter username and click on 'Save'. You'll have to provide the necessary authorizations so that the app is able to post on your wall. Conform by clicking on 'Allow'. Now, whenever you compose a tweet and want it to be posted on Facebook, simply include the #fb hash tag in the tweet. The app will detect this and publish the tweet on your Facebook wall. You can choose from the 'Settings' tab if you want to set the hash tag at the end of a tweet or anywhere in a tweet. You can even control whether you want it to display the message as forwarded from Twitter and if the tweet should contain a link to your Twitter profile. After this, whenever you post on Twitter, you can simply add the #fb hash tag and the tweet will be posted on Facebook.

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