Posted by : Harish K V Saturday, 5 January 2013

        Australian researches at Bionic vision have been working for many years on a bionic eye that supposedly restores basic vision in patients suffering from retinal diseases. The latest Bionic Eye 2 includes several components: a camera embedded in a glass jacket, an external processor, and a diamond microchip implanted in the eye. Experts claim that the Bionic Eye 2 can easily match the computing power of a smartphone.
        The images filmed by the camera are transferred to the external processor via a radio. After processing the image, data is transmitted wirelessly to the microchip fitted in the eye. The chip is placed in the outer layer of the choroids and converts data into electrical pulses. The information reaches the brain through connections to the optic nerve.
       The bionic eye developed for far-sightedness is based on 98 electrodes for stimulating retina nerves. Believe it or not, one version for sharper vision uses 1,024 electrodes. Although this lets you see detailed images, it limits the field of vision. The researchers want to introduce a new version for both far-sightedness and near-sightedness.

The Bionic Eye's camera transmits captured images to an external processor which
processes andsends the image to a microchip in the eye. The chip converts the data into
 electrical pulses that are sent to the brain via the optic nerve.

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