Posted by : Harish K V Wednesday, 23 January 2013

            The next Xbox, rumoured to be called Xbox 720 and referred to as 'Durango' in the development circles, is rumoured to be out for the holiday season in 2013. Developers have already gotten their hands on devkits for the 'Durango' which is further fuelling rumours. This could force Sony to unveil the next PlayStation, as again, developers have gotten their hands on devkits. Looking at the game release schedule, and how there aren't many big titles going to be released after May, this could point towards next-gen consoles from both Sony and Microsoft being closer than we think.
           In early November, it was released that Sony shipped the newest version of the Playstation 4 devkit to developers. Developers have been getting new versions of the Orbis kit. Sony has been using the term Orbis when referring to the machine. There has been no official record of the company calling it PlayStation 4.


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