Posted by : Harish K V Sunday, 13 January 2013

         Many times, you may need an overview of all the computers currently active in the local wired or wireless network. This is possible from the Windows control panel but it takes a bit of time. However, this overview will not show other devices such as smartphones and tablets using your Wi-Fi network. It is possible to gain a quicker and more complete view through the freeware tool Wireless Net view by NirSoft( ). The program doesn't need to be installed and you can simply start using it right away by extracting the ZIP archive and running the file 'WNetWatcher.exe'. After a few seconds, you will get a complete list of the active IP addresses with the relevant device names, MAC address and additional information. Use the command 'Options -> Background Scan' for monitoring the network. You can also activate 'Options -> Beep On New Device'. This enables an aural alert as soon as a new device is detected on your network. 
        Note that if you already using a set of NirSoft tools either separately or in windows, then you need not download this again. Just find the tool in the collection.

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