Posted by : Harish K V Thursday, 17 January 2013

         Earlier this year, Bethesda released a rare triple-A stealth game titled Dishonored, which was received very positively by critics and gamers alike. It's been barely two months since its launch, but it looks like we can expect a sequel to the game. Bethesda has told Destructoid that the critically-acclaimed game is performing better than expected the developers are keeping mum on the actual figures, but have confirmed that it will be getting a sequel.
          "I can tell you that Dishonored is far exceeding our sales expectations," said PR Chief Pete Hines. "We did terrific numbers again this past weekend, both in stories and on steam, where Dishonored was listed as the #1 selling title over the holiday weekend. And Dishonored has really sold well overseas. So, we're very pleased and appreciate all the fans that have supported Dishonored and Arkane. We clearly have a new franchise."


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